"3, 2, 1, fly!" On December 8th, guests from Wucheng Town, Yongxiu County, which was one of the venues for the first "Poyang Lake International Bird Watching Week", gathered at home and abroad. More than 200 rescued migratory birds of 15 species, let them return to Poyang Lake, return to the family of migratory birds, and winter safely and warmly. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Shen Guozhen, Zhang Xiwen, Supervisor of China Wildlife Conservation Association, and Hao, Vice Chairman of China Wildlife Conservation Association ... [Details]

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  • The central committee of the county party committee held a study meeting and the team of the standing committee of the county party committee "do not forget the original intention, remember the mission" ...

  • There is a prize contest! How much is known about the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Disclosure of Government Information?

  • Poyang Lake Wetland and Migratory Bird Mission Center was established in "Chinese Migratory Bird Town"

  • Yongxiu held a grand ceremony for the release of migratory birds and Wucheng's "Chinese Migratory Bird Town"

部门工作 乡镇动态 公示公告 Public notices of government affairs news department work township dynamics

Jiujiang Yongxiu releases official WeChat

Jiujiang Yongxiu releases official Weibo

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